About Us

Our Mission

To provide low cost urgent dental care to low income uninsured adults in Toronto.

Filling the Gap Dental Outreach is a new non-profit organization that uses existing community dental clinics in locations across the city to provide low cost dental treatment to low income adults. By offering flexible hours, our patients do not have to chose between missing work/earnings and seeking the care they need. Our goal is to have several clinic locations across the GTA, enabling patients to attend a local clinic, further facilitating access to care.

The Gap

In Canada we have reached a crisis situation where many people are forced to choose between essentials such as rent / groceries and having a painful tooth fixed. These vulnerable members of our community are falling between the cracks.
Whilst the Canadian health-care system is a valuable asset, it falls short of meeting the dental needs of the working poor.

Our Impact

At each clinic location, Filling the Gap Dental Outreach is able to see over 1000 patients annually to help address this urgent problem and keep low income Torontonians out of pain.
An analysis of hospital emergency room visits for dental pain in Ontario in 2013 found 58,882 visits at a cost of around $30 million.
Filling the Gap Dental Outreach helps to keep patients with dental pain out of hospital emergency rooms and physicians offices where they will receive a prescription as a temporary fix. Our volunteer clinics enable emergency dental patients to receive the specialist care they need.

Long term goals:

In order to maximize the number of patients we can help, our long term goal is to provide this service in several more Community Health Centres in other parts of the city, including a downtown location.
We are looking for a sponsor to partner with us and provide funds for a full-time paid dentist and assistant to work alongside our volunteer team at these locations.

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