Why volunteer?

Dentists and hygienists at all stages of their careers can benefit from the experience of volunteering with Filling the Gap Dental Outreach.

It provides a great learning environment with exposure to a patient population that has limited access to dental care, resulting in unique dental needs. Our volunteers have expressed a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from being able to use their valuable skills to help others when they are most in need. It is also a great way to network with other colleagues and learn from one another.
Newly qualified dentists and hygienists find our clinic to be a relaxed environment where they can build on their clinical skills and more experienced dentists and hygienists enjoy being able to use the expertise they have learned throughout their careers as a way of giving back.
In addition, retired dentists have the opportunity to remain registered with the RCDSO at a reduced fee, provided they commit to working in a volunteer capacity only.
Our patients are sincerely grateful for the genuine compassion shown to them by our volunteers. In many cases we are able to provide relief from pain and all of our patients leave with the reassurance that they have somewhere to turn when faced with urgent dental needs in the future.

Volunteer Information

Requirements for volunteer dentists/ hygienists:
  • A current licence to practice as a dentist / hygienist in Ontario
  • To be in good standing with the RCDSO / CDHO.
  • To have the appropriate insurance in place to cover their work as a volunteer dentist /hygienist.
  • To be up to date with the latest cross infection control requirements as set out by publichealth and the RCDSO/ CDHO.
  • To provide a copy of your current RCDSO / CDHO annual practicing certificate.
  • To sign our volunteer agreement form Download
  • After completing a trial session, we ask our volunteers to commit to working a minimum of 4 hours once per month over a 6 month period.
  • All necessary equipment and supplies to perform dental procedures.
  • A Level 2 certified assistant. Hygienists will not be provided with a dental assistant and will be expected to sterilize their own instruments.
  • Financial screening of all patients prior to booking an appointment with the dentist / hygienist.
  • Appropriate orientation at both the dental clinic and the Community Health Centre location.
  • A protocol for dentists / hygienists is provided to clarify both the work we provide and the approach we take to best help the patients we see. This is to ensure that all dentists and hygienists adhere to the same guidelines and keep a consistent approach.

Current Openings