Filling the Gap Dental Outreach is a new non-profit organization that uses existing community dental clinics in locations across the city to provide low cost dental treatment to low income adults. Dentists and hygienists at all stages of their careers can benefit from the experience of volunteering with Filling the Gap Dental Outreach.

Our Mission

To provide low cost urgent dental care to low income uninsured adults in Toronto.

Featured Article

Filling an Ever-Widening Gap in the Aftermath of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak in Canada has put a spotlight on economic inequalities that leave vulnerable communities to bear the economic brunt of the crisis. Thousands of low-income Torontonians are facing devastating job and wage losses, and the inability to pay essential bills. Many workers who previously had full-time contracts along with a benefits plan have lost valuable working hours and been moved to part-time status, thus losing their employee benefits. This has exacerbated a problem that had existed long before the outbreak of COVID-19
According to the Metcalf Foundation, in 2016 there were almost 170,000 working poor individuals in the Toronto CMA. This figure has been increasing steadily, rising exponentially during the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. A recent report from the Wellesley Institute states that 45 per cent of Ontarians earning $30,000 or less annually have no employerprovided health benefits and can’t afford to visit a dentist, even for emergency care. These members of our community are falling between the cracks.