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Monetary contributions go towards staff, outreach, supplies, and many other necessities to running our clinics.

If you are a dentist or hygienist in Ontario, please consider volunteering just four hours a month with us.

Much of our equipment and supplies are donated. We welcome any donated equipment in working condition.

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Who Does Filling the Gap Provide Services To?

10 to 12% of Canadians don’t file tax returns, many due to barriers such as language and financial literacy. These non-filers are frequently not eligible for government plans and likewise will not be eligible to receive funding through the CDCP.

The number of undocumented workers living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is estimated to range from 200,000 to 500,000. These individuals are not eligible for government plans.

An estimated 18,000 Torontonians are homeless. Some are living in shelters or hotels as temporary accommodation but many sleep on the streets. 97% of people surveyed in Toronto shelters needed dental treatment and 40% needed emergency dental treatment. 35% had avoided eating due to mouth problems.

Many refugees are not registered under the Interim Federal Healthcare Plan (IFHP). Not all refugees who enter Canada are eligible for the IFHP due to strict eligibility criteria.

Even if eligible, barriers in accessing care through Government plans are frequent issues faced by both adults and children in the GTA. Many low income families encounter long waitlists or long travel times to public health clinics, and it can be difficult to find a private dentist to accept patients on government plans. “Won’t the CDCP Fill the Gap?”

What Our Patients Say

Diet Pepsi
Diet Pepsi
I was not able to visit a dentist the past 5 years or so because of health issues then not having any insurance. It was a blessing I found this place. They take cash only however the cost is so minimal you do not have to worry. A visit for an x-ray may cost from as low as $15 and to fill in a cavity can be anywhere from $20 - $30. The staff is so very kind and the Dentist is wonderful. He may seem like he is busy and on the go, he is listening to whatever you say and remembering your concerns. The Ttuth is, he is busy taking care of the people coming in to see him. His concern is taking care of yours. They have a max limit of 3 visits only in taking care of your teet. They do provide another dentist you can go to after that will still charge around the same price, if you still need your teeth taken care of. You do need to call and make an appointment or leave a message. You will receive a text asking some background questions and it goes from there. The office is very nice. It looks very comfortable and professional. Just a note, there is no public washroom, so make sure you go before you come in to the dental office. There is plenty of parking in the back shared with a church. Their hours opened is not that long however they always find time to fit you in and the wait time is not long and the wait time in the waiting room is not long either. You will not regret coming here. You will be cared for. The Dentist and Staff are terrific. To be able to have this service for people who do not have insurance, it means the world. Thank you to Urban Dental Clinic.
Phuoc Dang
Phuoc Dang
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr Sukhjeevan, the dentist assistant and Manju for supporting me a lot during my wisdom tooth extraction treatment. I am extremely grateful to everyone at the Dental Clinic who has helped me so much with my toothache. Honestly, without you guys I think my life would be worse. Thank you for helping low-income people like us. Once again, thank you very much. Wishing you a lot of health! ^^
Ryan Zheng
Ryan Zheng
i had a really pleasant time here. came in with a cavity and we got it out very quickly. the staff here are volunteers and they’re all friendly. i would absolutely recommend this clinic for anyone looking for emergency low cost dental services.
Liliia Chernova
Liliia Chernova
How can I make an appointment if I don't understand English? I'm from Ukraine. Please help.
Chandrima Koel Neogy
Chandrima Koel Neogy
The experience was great and such a facility to help people when they are in need!
Joey Than
Joey Than
Excellent treatment, the dentist was kind and was great with communicating every action taken and what to expect at each step during the procedure. All the staff members were very welcoming and in terms of friendliness, attitude, and professionalism this clinic is top notch. Thank you so much for your help.
W Lee
W Lee
Very good service and excellent customer experience. Cost is low for those low income family without dental insurance.
Puna W
Puna W
Excellent customer service from the receptionist, I really appreciate Urban dental clinic for helping me with dental care the dentists and dental assistant was so caring carefully and patience with me through it all I am so thankful I found this place .no more painful tooth aches. I can not thank you guys enough .
Sankalp Pandey
Sankalp Pandey
Amazing and helpful staff..

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How Ontarians Access Dental Care

Patients pay “out of pocket” at a private dental office.

Often obtained through an employer. However, availability, coverage limits and rates vary significantly.

  • Ontario works (OW) –low income or unemployed Ontarians
  • Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO)- Children from low-income families
  • Ontario Seniors program (OSP) – Low-income seniors
  • Ontario Disability support Program (ODSP)- Ontarians with disabilities
  • Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) – for refugees
  • Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) – for eligible First Nations members. Provides more extensive benefits through private dentists or public health clinics.
  • Canadian Dental Care Plan

"Won't the Canadian Dental Care Plan Fill the Gap?"

Groups that will not be covered under public dental programs including the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) are:


  • Low-income Canadians who do not file their taxes with the CRA
  • Undocumented Individuals
  • People experiencing Homelessness
  • Displaced Persons & Refugees
  • People who cannot access public dental programs due to long wait lists, accessibility barriers, limited dental services offered, or challenges finding a dental office that accepts public dental programs.